There is only word to sum up our lunch at Chefs Warehouse in Beau Constantia yesterday.. Perfection, from start to finish (and worth every penny spent)! 

Onto our Tapas dishes to share:
Oysters with Flavours from the Garden.
Coal Seared Tuna , Korean Chilli Oil, Miso Cream Cheese, Tigarella Tomatoes.
Linefish Sashimi, Tamarillo & Olive Oil Dressing, Fresh Ginger & Fennel. 
Seared Blesbok Rump Tartare, Coal Roasted Shitaki, and Smoked Garlic Aioli.
Sweet Corn Risotto, Sweet Corn & Leek Beurre Noisette. 
Smoked & Roasted Sweet Potato, Lemon & Teriyaki Burnt Butter Glaze & Barley Cream. 
Kimchi Roasted Kingklip, Coal Fired Oyster Mushrooms, Tamarind & Coconut Dressing. 
Coal Roasted Pork Belly, Burnt Honey & Lime Dressing, Pickled Carrots and BBQ Cashew Nut Puree. 
Slow Roasted Lamb Rib, Sweet Pepper & Tomato Pickle, Homemade Ricotta, Bitter & Sour Leaves. 

We left this beautiful restaurant wondering if/when we could possibly return on this short trip and recommending it to everyone that we know! 
Chef Ivor Jones is a wizard in the kitchen with plating that reaches expert levels, seamless work by the Chefs in this open plan kitchen, great service by our Zimbabwean waitress Natasha, and breathtaking views!

*Recommendation: If you are in the Western Cape and want the ultimate 'foodie' experience, I highly recommend a visit to Chefs Warehouse. 


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