A Walk on the Wild Side with Mosi-Oa-Tunya

We arrived on a balmy Summers morning recently, at the Victoria Falls Airport eagerly in anticipation of what our holiday in Victoria Falls would hold for us and need I say that it did not disappoint on any count.

As a Zimbabwean myself, I am no stranger to Victoria Falls or the lovely Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, where we would be spending most of our time during our stay. For me, the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, is one of the rare spots that is away from the maddening crowd of usual touristy hotels located in town, and with its tranquil watering hole views, provides a special vantage point and wilder experience of Victoria Falls. 

On arrival, we were greeted by the familiar friendliness and hospitality, that to me, makes Zimbabweans so rare and resilient, and it wasn’t long before we were seated on the deck, enjoying some sundowners, complete with a sunset that made nature look like it was indeed showing off.

Morning arrived before we knew it, and we awoke to watering hole sunrise views from our secluded room, to witness a family of buffalos casually come down for their morning drink.

After a quick breakfast, it was off for our guided tour of the Falls on the Zimbabwean side, which boasts an ample 75% view of the Falls. Contrary to a recent rumour, the Falls never dry up, even during the height of their dry season and as such we were also able to experience their beautiful rain forest created by these powerful and majestic Falls. History, and beauty combine into an awe-inspiring experience of Mosi-Oa-Tunya, making each visit unique each and every time that I have been here over the years.

An unexpected highlight for me on this trip has to be the Vulture Culture Experience, which even included a quick African thunderstorm mid-walk to cool us down. Nobody minded much, and with our knowledgable guide, I got the overall feeling that this is an experience suited to all age groups, young and old alike.
Did you know that two of the most common vultures spotted here at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, are listed as endangered species, and that globally vultures are now the most endangered group of all bird species?
We learnt that these naturally savvy recyclers play a key role in our environment and I found it hard not to walk away from the experience without a newfound respect for both these birds and the initiative that the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is trying to achieve.

Onto the food, as this is always a big passion for me when I travel and most who know me, know that I am rarely unhappy when in my natural habitat eating, glass of wine in hand.
Complete with its Buffalo Bar, MaKuwa-Kuwa, and The Boma restaurants, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge has a versatile and varied range of culinary experiences to choose from, whether you are craving a hearty cheese burger, some fine dining with a twist or (for the more adventurous soul), are wanting to experience some local delicacies like Mopane worms respectively. Naturally, we chose to experience all of them and were not disappointed!
The highlight of my meals enjoyed at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge (if I had to pick just one)?
A dish created by Chef Simba Musiyiwa in the form of Coconut Crusted Bream Fillet (a Zimbabwean favourite) served with a creamy saffron sweet corn velouté, peas and mixed vegetables. Chef Simba’s flair and inspiration shines through in not one but all of his dishes, managing to find the perfect combination of local and international tried and tested favourites, and make them his own.

To sum up what was a beautiful weekend and truly a walk on the wild side of life, you would be hard-pressed to find such exceptional service, culinary experiences or interactions with nature. I am already planning my next trip!