Stop and smell the roses at Walkersons Hotel & Spa..

We have all heard this cliché at one point or another, reminding us to slow down, enjoy life and notice the beauty along the way.. It is easily recognisable, probably because it is true, yet so often we forget to do it. I was reminded of it recently on a trip to Walkersons.

And after the year we have had, if I’ve learnt anything from a stressful and uncertain 2020, it is that, in a nutshell, we need to make time to enjoy the simpler aspects of life, and really slow down.

A highlight, amongst many for me during our stay, has to be the ever-popular four course dining experiences at The Flying Scotsman by Chef Guy Nahman with a menu that changes daily.
Think roast cauliflower soup with smoked chilli beans and Parmesan Croutons, a lip-smacking Vegetarian dish and one of the best soups that I have enjoyed in a very long time.
A Dullstroom Trout Tartare (a must when visiting the area) with browned nut butter preserved lemon labneh and homemade crackers to start, and mains in the form of Honey and Thyme roasted lamb rack.
Chef Guy Nahman’s take on this traditional lamb favourite was superb, served with a white bean mash, garlic and tomato confit, in a lamb jus. Quite simply put, the lamb shank is a dish that isn’t trying too hard and I like it.

I left dinner, feeling quite satisfied, relaxed and ready for a cosy night in, fireplace lit with my windows open listening to the rain come down outside.

Early the next day, feeling rejuvenated, we were greeted with a cool, misty morning (which later turned into a beautiful sunny one). Wrapped up in my comfy robe, I decided to start my morning by taking in the lush, scenic views enjoyed from my private balcony, cup of coffee in hand. What a beautiful way to start any morning with gratitude and in nature!

Next up, dressed and ready for a good walk to earn breakfast, we set off to try to take in some of the eight hundred (800) hectare Walkersons Estate. We were rewarded with beautiful rolling countryside, waterfalls, zebra, horses, ducks, birdlife, wild flowers and everything that you would expect from country living.
I soon also realised that the weather in this area is a thing of mystery with the possibility of four seasons in one day. Adventure at every turn if you ask me so be sure to have a raincoat or windbreaker handy if you are heading outdoors.

Did you know that Dullstroom is the fly fishing capital of South Africa?
I didn’t, until this trip so now you know. Rainbow and brown trout are commonly found in the dams and natural breeding occurs in the rivers.

Thankfully, although I rarely have much luck with fly-fishing, thanks to Walkersons fourteen (14) different dams and small lakes to choose from, we don’t have far to travel to find well-stocked dams and some exciting (or leisurely) fishing. The best time of the year I am told for fly-fishing in Dullstroom is between July and September, and Walkersons have all the necessary equipment and fly fishing information that your heart desires so no excuses not to give it a try.

Careers and family can leave us overworked, stressed and tired after a long year, so why not stop and smell the roses this Festive season and treat yourselves to a well-deserved getaway at Walkersons Hotel and Spa. Whether it is trying your hand at trout fishing with Bongani, enjoying a relaxing spa treatment, lounging by the pool with a cocktail, or simply enjoying a good glass of red near a warm fireplace, we all need an outlet and Walkersons offers just that, making it the perfect country destination to do just that!

I left, feeling as if this visit was too short, and vowed to return, possibly in the Winter to see a different aspect of this beautiful and evolving landscape. Watch this space.